Videos of Balinese gamelan playing

Gong Kebyar: Kapi Raja (played by Gong Gunung Sari, Peliatan)

Gong Kebyar is the dominant type of gamelan in Bali and the kebyar style of playing is the style most often heard. This piece, Kapi Raja, is a good example of kebyar playing. The Gong Kebyar Gunung Sari of Peliatan, near Ubud, Central Bali, often starts a performance with Kapi Raja. I recorded this piece in Puri Agung Peliatan, January 2011. I kept the camera pointed towards kendang, gieng and gangsas, so the video does not show the reong. Halfway through the piece someone suddenly remembers to turn the lights on.

Gong Gede in Pura Kehen, Bangli (1)

Gong Gede is a nearly extinct type of Balinese gamelan orchestra. From the 1920s these orchestras have largely been replaced by Gong Kebyar ensembles. Nowadays Gong Gede is mainly used for playing the stately "lelambatan"  music during temple ceremonies. This fragment and the one below I recorded in 1994 during the "odalan" (temple anniversary) of Pura Kehen, a temple in Bangli, Central Bali.

Gong Gede in Pura Kehen, Bangli (2)

Manuk Rawa (my own group playing)

Back in 1988, Fauna Film recorded my orchestra playing Manuk Rawa for a television transmission. In this performance we accompanied Putu Balimurni. I thank Fauna Film for putting this recording on YouTube for me to embed on this site. Please compare what we play to the music notation on this site.

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