This page contains links to other sites that contain information about Balinese gamelan.

  • Balinese Gamelan Rhythms
    MIDI files, rhythm patterns. Examples written as standard sheet music.
  • Het Gamelanhuis
    Portal for gamelan groups and activities in the Netherlands (language: Dutch)
  • Gamelan Sekar Jaya
    Gamelan Sekar Jaya is a fifty member ensemble of musicians and dancers, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, that specializes in the performing arts of Bali.
  • Gamelanworkshop
    My site about team building using Balinese gamelan (language: Dutch)
  • Gong Tirta
    Gong Tirta is one of the very few gamelan ensembles in the Netherlands to play Balinese instruments with influences from Central Java and Sunda. The group also plays contemporary music and new compositions.
  • Lila Cita
    London-based Balinese gamelan performing group. Gives concerts.
  • Mekar Bhuana - Balinese Gamelan & Dance
    Mekar Bhuana is active in the revival, preservation and conservation of rare and endangered Balinese gamelan and dance traditions.
  • Notation for gamelan Bali
    Explanation of playing technique. Several musical examples. Last update 1996.
  • The UK Gamelan Network
    A site for anyone who is interested in gamelan music and the related performing arts. General information, links to gamelan groups. No longer updated.
  • UK Gamelan information
    Information on where to see, hear and play gamelan in the UK.
  • YouTube - Pieter Duimelaar's channel
    Videos of dance and gamelan performances I filmed.

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