Gamelan Udegan recordings

Recorded in Teges Kawan Yangloni (near Peliatan), 1977

Bapang Sisir

Tabuh Barong

Tabuh Telu

Joged Udegan

The most important role for the Gamelan Udegan orchestra is the accompaniment of the Joged Udegan dance. This dance is perfumed by a single female dancer.

The performance opens with the dancer performing flirtation dances with a succession of members of the public, much like the better-known Joged Bumbung. When there are no more candidates for a flirtation, the dancer switches to the Udegan dance. This dance tells approximately the same story as the Legong Lasem. However, where the Legong is danced by three dancers, the Udegan has only one.

1. Ngibing

2. Joged Udegan

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